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A scheme which will allow v= ictims of crime and anti-social behaviour (such as neighbour disputes) the = chance to communicate with the perpetrators.

This is an opportunity f= or people to volunteer their time and skills, people who have the ability t= o learn skills that would allow them to assist us.

The Essex Restor= ative Justice and Mediation Service facilitates safe communication between = those involved in a crime or conflict and allow victims

to ask quest= ions and receive meaningful reparation for the harm that has been caused.

* You would receive full training and ongoing support
=09* You woul= d become part of a friendly and supportive team
=09* You would be able t= o fit this role around your existing commitments

If you are aged over= 18 years, live in Essex and are interested in learning more about this exc= iting and challenging role

Please contact restorativejustice@essex.pnn.police.uk = or ring 01245 291609

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